Chhichhore Movie Latest Review, Release update, Star Casting, Story

Chhichhore Movie Latest Review, Release update, Star Casting, Story

Chhichhore Movie Latest Review, Release update, Star Casting, Story

Chhichhore Movie Release Date:

Chhichhore Star Cast:

Sushant Singh Rajput as Anirudh Pathak aka Anni

Shraddha Kapoor as Maya

Varun Sharma as Gurmeet  Singh Dhillon

Prateik Babbar as Raggie

Tahir Raj Bhasin as Derek

Naveen Polishetty as Acid

Tushar Pandey as Mummy

Saharsh Kumar Shukla as Bevda

Rohit Chauhan as Chriss Cross

Nalneesh Neel as H4 Chef Pandu

Aashray Batra as Raghav's senior

Abhinav Bhattacharjee as Dard Kumar

 The majority of consider their college years to be the best part of their lives. The joy of spending time with friends makes this time worthwhile despite the constant worry about the uncertain future. After delivering the terrifying blockbuster DANGAL in 2016, Nitesh Tiwari is back with CHHICHHORE, which focuses not only on the student side of the characters' lives but also on what happens when they meet up a few decades later. So, does CHHICHHORE manage to entertain viewers and transport them back in time? Or does it not evoke any feelings at all? Let's look at it.

Chhichhore Movie Review

The story of "loser" friends who try to become winners and learn some important lessons along the way is CHHICHHORE. After splitting from his wife Maya (Shraddha Kapoor), Annirudh Pathak, also known as Anni, is a middle-aged man who lives in Mumbai with his son Raghav (Mohammad Samad). Raghav is under a lot of pressure because he just passed the engineering entrance exams. When they took the entrance exam, his parents were rankers. Raghav is as a result feeling a lot of pressure. However, Anni is certain that he will succeed. Finally, the results are out, and it's unfortunate that Raghav didn't make the cut. He attempts suicide by jumping from a high building out of fear that he will always be referred to as a loser. He makes it through, but the doctor who is treating him, Dr. Kasbekar (Shishir Sharma), makes it clear that he has very little chance of recovering. Anni clearly feels heartbroken, so he decides to use a novel strategy to ensure that Raghav regains his ability to live. He begins to describe his time as an engineering student at the National College of Technology in Mumbai. He has been assigned a room in Hostel No. 4, also known as H4, which is regarded as the "Losers' residence." Anni is initially taken aback by the characters in H4. However, he slowly makes friends with some of them, like Gurmeet Singh Dhillon, who plays the role of (Varun Sharma), Acid (Navin Polishetty), Sundar, who plays the role of Mummy (Tushar Pandey), Bevda (Saharsh Kumar Shukla), and Derek (Tahir Raj Bhasin). Maya (Shraddha Kapoor), the most well-known female engineer, is one of very few women in the field. They soon begin dating after Anni succeeds in seducing her. However, there is a reason Anni and others continue to be referred to as "Losers." The college hosts a sports competition each year called the General Championship, or GC. The students of H4 are the last of the ten hostels and consistently lose badly. Consequently, the "Loser" tag. Raggie (Prateik Babbar) from H3 is a champion who wants all of the other hostels' winning students to stay in his hostel so that H3 can win the GC. Because Anni is a basketball champion, he invites her. However, Anni declines, provoking Raggie's ire. By winning the H4, Anni and other H4 competitors make the decision to end the stigma of being a "Loser" for good. However, there are numerous obstacles on the way to the trophy. Switch to the present. After hearing the "Losers" story, Raghav's condition stops getting worse, but it doesn't get better either. The rest of the movie is made up of what happens next, both in the flashback and in the present.

The story of Nitesh Tiwari, Piyush Gupta, and Nikhil Mehrotra is engaging, moving, and full of promise. The movie is more than the trailers show. However, the screenplay by Nitesh Tiwari, Piyush Gupta, and Nikhil Mehrotra fails to fully utilize the story. Sure, they try to keep the story simple without making it too complicated. They also add humor in sufficient quantities to appeal to the general public. However, it is also somewhat superficial, particularly with regard to the emotions section. a little bit more character, background, and other information. was necessary. The dialogue performed by Nitesh Tiwari, Piyush Gupta, and Nikhil Mehrotra is clear, amusing, and well-written. However, it would have been nice if the writers had included some extremely amusing lines for the slogan sequence. This is a scene that could have sparked a riot, but the end result is acceptable rather than exceptional.

The direction of Nitesh Tiwari works well for most parts. The manner in which he alternates between flashback and present-day scenes merits praise. Additionally, three scenes from the chess tournament, the relay, and the basketball match run concurrently in the climax. He seamlessly integrates them. On the other hand, the impact is hampered by the fact that he omits some of the character lives. For instance, the viewers are never given a full understanding of the circumstances surrounding Anni and Maya's divorce, including why Maya did not accept Raghav's custody. None of the students' parents are ever shown, with the exception of and Mummy. As a result, we are unable to identify their families. Aside from Mummy and , the lives of the other characters are not even touched upon in the present-day portions. Mummy appears to travel from the United States to be with Anni. It remains unclear how he was able to accomplish this immediately. Then there are scenes that don't work, like Raghav listening intently to the "Losers" story while simultaneously revealing his criticism. He doesn't appear to need medical attention, even when his health starts to deteriorate in the pre-climax. We never see the "Losers," or Raggie, studying, and we never learn how they did on the exams. It would appear that the sole purpose for which they have accepted admission to the college is to win the GC.

CHHICHHORE kicks off on a high note, perfectly capturing the mischief that takes place in hostels and the animosity that exists between H3 and H4. After that, the movie focuses on Raghav becoming anxious about his result. The film slows down a little at this point, but the shocking suicide scene regains interest. The flashback sequences begin shortly, maintaining the audience's interest. As Nitesh Tiwari uses the first hour to introduce the characters, the college setting, and how much GC means to the students, the film is faultless from this point forward. The college scenes manage to entertain and even make people laugh in the second half. Anni's concept of psychologically demotivating rival teams is intriguing and entertaining to watch. However, the method is deemed to be too effective in even improving their game, which was extremely poor in the first place, which also raises questions. It's hard to understand how that happens. The intriguing concept of three tracks running simultaneously serves as the basis for the climax, but it goes on for too long. Particularly the basketball scenes go on and on. Some audiences might find it unacceptable due to the GC's final result. However, it is in line with the message of the film.

All of the performances are outstanding. It's great to see that not only the lead and supporting actors get a lot of screen time. Sushant Singh Rajput is excellent as Anni and effortlessly plays the role. He doesn't play a typical "hero," but rather slips into the role and behaves accordingly. He is quite good and has voice modulation, which is praiseworthy, in the earlier parts. Shraddha Kapoor provides able assistance. After a certain point, her character does not have much to do. The romantic song is very bad, and it doesn't even get enough time on screen. She also doesn't appear to be that old compared to other people. Audiences will adore Varun Sharma, who is very entertaining. In films like ARJUN PATIALA and KHANDAANI SHAFAKHANA, he was uninteresting. However, he seems to be in good shape in CHHICHHORE. He also surprises the older in the opening scene. Tahir Raj Bhasin performs exceptionally well and appears dashing. His eyes' hurt and rage come across very clearly. Naveen Polishetty is charming and has a strong presence on screen as the man with the sharp tongue. Tushar Pandey plays the role well and brings a sense of humor to the proceedings. Despite his late start, Saharsh Kumar Shukla has a great presence on screen. He plays a significant role, particularly in the finale. Mohammad Samad has his highs and lows. As the villain, Prateik Babbar makes an impression. Shishir Sharma, Rohit Chauhan (Chris Cross), Sanjay Goradia (Mummy's father), Ranjan Raj (the underweight Abhimanyu Rathod aka Danda), and the actor playing the cook are all fine.

The music by Pritam fits the mood of the movie, but it won't last long. The best of the bunch is Fikar Not, which also conveys the message of the movie. Control comes next because the situation it is played in is funny. While "Kal Ki Hi Baat Hai" is only played for a few seconds, both "Woh Din" and "Khairyat" fail to make an impression. The background score by Sameer Uddin is subtle but powerful.

The cinematography by Amalendu Chaudhary is appropriate. The scenes from the hospital, hostel, and sports are well captured. The production design by Laxmi Keluskar is good. The casting of Mukesh Chhabra is admirable because all of the actors fit the bill. Abhimanyu Rathod's casting is excellent. It's obvious that Sunil Rodrigues's action works because it's not too gory. The costumes worn by Rohit Chaturvedi are authentic. In order to maintain realism, the characters in hostel scenes are even shown repeating their outfits. Overall, Preetisheel Singh's character design and prosthetics are quite good. However, it is not very convincing for Shraddha Kapoor and Tushar Pandey. The present-day and flashback segments of Charu Shree Roy's film are well-integrated into the narrative and edited with ease.

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