Mission Mangal Latest Movie Review, Release Date, Star Cast, Story Review

Mission Mangal Latest Movie Review, Release Date, Star Cast, Story Review

The Independence Day holiday is incomplete without an Akshay Kumar-starrer, just as Eid is synonymous with a Salman Khan film. Except for 2014, he enjoyed a release during this beneficial weekend from 2013 to 2018. This year, MISSION MANGAL, based on a significant period in India's history, is no exception. The film's tone is also appropriate given that the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) launched Chandrayaan-2 toward the moon just a month ago. MISSION MANGAL is a blockbuster in every way. So, does it live up to expectations in terms of excitement and entertainment? Or is the content uninteresting? Let's look at it.

Mission Mangal Star Cast:

Akshay Kumar as Rakesh Dhawan

Vidya Balan as Tara Shinde

Taapsee Pannu as Kritika Aggarwal

Sonakshi Sinha as Ekta Gandhi

Nithya Menen as Varsha Pillai

Sharman Joshi as Parmeshwar Naidu

H.G. Dattatreya as Ananth Iyer

Kirti Kulhari as Neha Siddiqui

Vikram Gokhale as Director of ISRO

Dalip Tahil as Rupert Desai

Mission Mangal Movie Review:

The incredible true story of India's mission to Mars is told in MISSION MANGAL. The movie starts in 2010. A space mission led by Rakesh Dhawan (Akshay Kumar) at the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) fails due to a mistake made by Tara Shinde (Vidya Balan) and her team. He has been asked to manage India's Mars program, which is unlikely to take off anytime soon, as a punishment posting. A few days later, Tara experiences a eureka moment while preparing puris at home. She realizes that they can attempt to send our satellite to Mars in just two years using novel strategies. Rakesh hears about the plan from her, and he realizes that it's a great chance. Rakesh approaches his superior, Vikram Gokhale, for approval, but the latter rejects the concept. Rakesh's concept also irks Rupert Desai (Dalip Tahil), who came from NASA to join ISRO. Rakesh, on the other hand, manages to persuade and gets to work. For this project, he requests the best ISRO men. Kritika Aggarwal (Taapsee Pannu), Eka Gandhi (Sonakshi Sinha), Varsha Gowda (Nithya Menen), Neha Siddiqui (Kirti Kulhari), Parmeshwar Naidu (Sharman Joshi), and Ananth Iyer (H G Dattatreya) are among his less experienced coworkers. The subsequent events shape the remainder of the film.

The story of Jagan Shakti is fantastic but also very difficult. Writing a mainstream film with such a plot is difficult. Additionally, many people are unaware of the circumstances surrounding India's Mars mission. As a result, it will be exciting for them to observe the entire journey. Additionally, the plot has so many twists and turns that it might be hard to believe that some of the events are actually true. The screenplay by R Balki, Jagan Shakti, Nidhi Singh Dharma, and Saketh Kondipathi not only makes the story easier to follow, but it also makes it more complicated. The screenplay seamlessly combines science and entertainment. The plot of the movie is extremely straightforward. The dialogues by R Balki, Jagan Shakti, Nidhi Singh Dharma, and Saketh Kondipathi are funny and effective.

For a novice, Jagan Shakti's direction is excellent. He had a winning screenplay in his hands, and his execution elevates it to a higher level. Each of the main characters' subplots are also well-integrated into the story throughout the film. The creators of these tracks have also made significant remarks about religion, parenting, marriage, religious bias, and other topics. and each of these greatly enhances the film.

MISSION MANGAL gets off to a great start by showing Tara running a house well on the day that ISRO has a big launch. The entrance of Rakesh and the confrontation in which he is presented with the Mars program are both intriguing and entertaining. It also makes it abundantly clear that the movie will not become serious and will continue to entertain. The rest of the team is introduced in brief but engaging montage-like sequences, which significantly enhance the movie. There are no issues with the quick pace of the first half. The second half is longer, and the beginning is where the movie starts to drop. Additionally, it is a little excessive to observe the team renovating their workstation in the midst of a race against time. Thankfully, the film picks up quickly. It's clear that the best belongs in the end. The team faces numerous challenges here, which intensifies the film's grip. The conclusion merits applause.

The film MISSION MANGAL features some excellent performances. Akshay Kumar is in great shape. He plays such a wonderful role and gets into his character's head. Additionally, he appears frequently throughout the film! To be believed, his character never gets serious and makes even serious conversations lighthearted and funny. The moment when he pretends to call APJ Abdul Kalam is one of the best parts of the movie. Vidya Balan dominates the first half and portrays her character perfectly. Her willingness to play a mother to teenagers is also admirable. Sonakshi Sinha stands out for her beauty. It is wonderful to observe her impact in a supporting role. In addition, Taapsee Pannu is very effective and gives her all during the climax. Although it's a smaller role, Nithya Menen makes a strong debut. Many people would be able to identify with Kirti Kulhari's character's struggles. Sharman Joshi is interesting and would without a doubt make watchers grin. The scene in which H G Dattatreya teaches Kirti's ex-husband a lesson is too good, and he is adorable. As the pessimist, Dalip Tahil is the right choice. The surprise of the film is Sanjay Kapoor, played by Sunil Shinde. He gives a great performance, and after the intermission, he switches into a different mode that would get applause in theaters! Mohd and Purab Kohli (Vivek). Rishi's Zeeshan Ayyub lends competent assistance. As Vidya Balan's son, Rohan Joshi (Dilip Shinde) is hilarious and even encouraging. Anya Shinde's Kashmira Pardeshi lacks scope. Good is Vikram Gokhale. Other people are also good at their jobs.

The music of Amit Trivedi is well-placed between the events. Dil Mein Mars Hai is catchy and entertaining. Shaabaashiyaan is played at an important point. The background score by Amit Trivedi is engaging.

The cinematography by S Ravi Varman has a big screen effect and is quite straightforward. The production design by Sandeep Ravade deserves praise because it is straight out of life. The sound design by Debashish Mishra is also as authentic as it gets. In the lone action scene in the metro, Sham Kaushal performs well. The long climax would not have been as effective without the exceptional visual effects from Famulus Media and Entertainment. The costumes worn by Theia Tekchandaney are appealing but not overly extravagant. The Vidya Balan costumes worn by Kirti Kolwankar and Maria Tharakan are authentic. The film never drags or moves too quickly thanks to Chandan Arora's flawless editing.

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